About Us

Ritner Street Capital (“RSC”) is Philadelphia based Limited Partnership. As a privately held investment company, RSC manages investments and allocates capital across diverse asset classes, including private equity and real estate for its principals and Limited Partners. Our private equity arm acts as a niche, sector-focused, operationally-oriented private equity investor focused on alternative assets, and specializing in buyouts, growth capital, and special situations in the lower-middle market Healthcare sector, specifically Multi-site Healthcare. We utilize a multi-disciplinary investment approach which implements growth and margin improvement initiatives in combination with the operating management team to create true long-term value in a sustainable and eco-responsible manner. The RSC team is comprised of investment, industry and operating professionals with general management and functional skill sets that can support the growth and productivity of its portfolio companies.  Our firm’s Principals have experience executing transactions totaling +$650 million in enterprise value across several verticals including Multi-site Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Chemicals & Waste Management, and Fintech.

Investment Focus

Ritner Street Capital’s private equity arm seeks to invest within our target industry sector that fits our mandate including: change-of-control acquisitions to effect management buyouts of interests from inactive or passive shareholders; sponsorship of management teams with demonstrated success in one of our industry verticals to identify and acquire a platform with untapped market potential or operational and structural challenges; corporate divestitures and carve-outs of non-core businesses or divisions; control or non-control investments to facilitate succession planning within family or founder-owned businesses; and minority-interest growth equity investments as a capital partner for acquisitions, expansion or to provide liquidity to diversify a founder’s interests.

Highlights of our investment focus are outlined below:

Company Size
  • Growth-oriented and/or niche market-leading companies with revenues from $500 thousand to $5 million
Investment size
  • Initial investments of $500 thousand to $10 million
Target Industries
  • Multi-Site Healthcare 
Key Characteristics
  • Strong long-term leadership transitioning with the business
  • Primary and uniquely position within niche market operations
  • Identifiable growth vectors through organic initiatives or acquisitions

Investment Philosophy 

Ritner Street Capital seeks to deploy its resources to partner and collaborate with exceptional leaders to positively impact the growth trajectory of uniquely positioned businesses at the lower end of the middle market. The partnership and our investment philosophy allow us to generate attractive returns for our investors and partners while limiting the risk of excess leverage and its negative impact on the business’ cash flows. The source of our investment approach is the fundamental vision of our business philosophy:

  • Commitment to transparency, honesty and ethical practices in all aspects of our enterprise.
  • We provide thoughtful and introspective advice aligning with the specific needs and objectives of both our portfolio companies and investors.
  • We aim to empower our partners to share challenges and successes through our collaborative approach.
  • The foundation of our approach is a focus on the creation of value at our portfolio companies while providing a diversified, risk adverse return for our partners and investors.

RSC takes a long-term outlook in its investments. By discounting short-term results, we focus on maximizing value for all stakeholders by pursuing long term-strategies. Companies that are well positioned for growth inevitably will encounter challenges along the path to success. Leveraging our business acumen to address these obstacles brings stability and reliability to our partnerships with management, while allowing us to see these obstacles as opportunities to unlock further value. Leveraging our significant network of industry contacts and operating partners, allows us to be well positioned to impact our portfolio companies’ continued success.

Value Creation

Ritner Street Capital employs an efficient value creation approach customized to accommodate the particular demands of lower-middle market Healthcare businesses. Our investment professionals and operating partners collaborate with management to instill financial growth, usually in unison with organizational development of the businesses in areas ranging from high level business strategy down to internal systems.

We understand growth creates obstacles and requires resources, innovative business approaches and new areas of expertise. We work hard with our teams to identify their needs and offer assistance in achieving their goals. We support management teams, develop or refine business strategies, address personnel needs and succession plans, identify and execute add-on acquisitions, update systems and procedures and make various other improvements to our portfolio companies.

RSC’s professionals understand that there are multiple solutions to challenges faced by growing companies and focus on an innovative problem-solving approach.  

Common valued-added initiatives:

  • Revenue enhancement: sales analysis, marketing/branding, website/Internet optimizations, public relations, new product development, etc.
  • Operational improvements: procurement, IT infrastructure optimization, manufacturing efficiencies, business process improvement
  • Strategic planning: target customer profile, value propositions, operational alignment, resources analysis/budgeting
  • Add-on acquisitions: identify proprietary add-on acquisitions
  • Industry analysis: size/scope, trends, customer/supplier/competitor analysis, barriers to entry
  • Human resources: hiring practices, personnel evaluation and development, organization, structure, compensation guidance
  • Risk and compliance: insurance, benefits, legal, audit, tax, reporting systems and controls, environmental
  • Advisory: board level support, target industry experts, intra-portfolio company networking

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